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type 1 curtainQuestion: Hi! I need a type 1 silt barrier for runoff. We have a channel that contains slow running water. It is about 25 ft wide and the water that is running through it comes from a golf club. The runoff has too much fertilizer in it, so we need a silt barrier to help cordon off the area. The depth of the channel is around 3-4 feet. How to know what depth my curtain should be?

Answer: Thank you for contacting GEI Works! In order to control runoff in your location, we recommend the Type 1 Silt Barrier to sit approximately one foot (1') from the floor of your water area. This will provide enough space to allow for silt and other particles to settle. For more information, check out our Triton Type 1 Silt Barrier page.

To clarify, a silt barrier contains turbid water and allows the particles time to sette. Turbidity barriers increase settling times for particles, which helps to lower TSS levels on your site and prevents the spread of silt. If this fertilizer is soluble in water, you should consider treating the water directly.

Triton Type 1 Silt Barrier Specifications:

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contractor turbidity curtainTypical Type 1 Silt Barrier Design:

  • Fabric is 18 oz Vinyl for Standard D.O.T.
  • Silt Barrier
  • Barrier is High Visibility Safety Yellow
  • Flotation size is normally 6” Marine quality and is dependent on skirt depth.
  • Load carrying components are the base fabric (325x300 lbs tensile ASTM) and 3/16” Steel Chain galvanized coated. (3,000 lb. Break Strength).
  • The skirt is ballasted to hang vertical in the water by a minimum 3/16” Chain weighing 0.41 lbs per foot.
  • Sections easily connect via overlapped reinforced grommets and chains are shackled to each other.
  • Section ends are dual seamed, with bolt-rope reinforcement of a minimum of 1/4" inch rope.

turbidity curtain contains sludgeType 1 Curtains are available in section lengths of either 50 or 100 feet which can then be connected together to reach longer lengths. As always, you call us at +1-772-646-0597.

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Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.