Silt Bags for Dewatering

Silt Filtering Bag Options

silt bag for dewateringQuestion: I am looking for some kind of a silt bag for dewatering, but I am unsure if this would be the right item for our construction project. We have large stockpiles of silty material that needs to be removed. Is it possible to get the water out somehow? Do you have any options for this kind of water extraction?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! For the type of water removal you are requesting, one option you might consider is using one of our Dewatering Bags. As their name suggests, these bags are designed to dewater or remove water from various sediment materials.

Water extracted from this process can be transported to a new location or channelled into nearby ponds. The remaining silt should remain inside your bag for disposal off your site.

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How the Silt Bag Works

The basic construction of these silt filter bags is designed to retain sediment and silt, while allowing clear water to flow out of the bags. The basic process of use regarding these bags is as follows:

  1. Set up the Dewatering Bag in Desired Location. This can include placement in dump trucks, drop boxes or other transportation vehicles. It may also include basic setup on the ground.
  2. Attach Hoses. All dewatering bags are typically designed to accommodate hoses up to four inches (4") in size. Once these hoses are attached, your silty material can be pumped into the bag for dewatering. (Hoses may be inserted into the designated area. Bag should then be tied firmly around the hose).
  3. Pump Silt Materials into the Bag and Allow Dewatering to Occur. As your materials are pumped inside the bag, water will begin to flow out of the bag. This occurs through the use of a needle-punched fabric which allows only water to flow out and prevents other silt materials from leaving.

For more information on dewatering silt bags, please check out the Silt Bags for Dewatering page.

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