Shoreline Erosion Control

Coir and Geotextiles

coir mat on the shoreQuestion: I am in need of shoreline erosion control. I have an unstable shoreline and I'm not sure what my options are in terms of stabilization. I have thought of using a rip rap. Would I need to put a geotextile product down first? Can a geotextile tube be used for this purpose also?

Answer: Shoreline stabilization and erosion control can include a couple of different methods including the use of rip rap, vegetation and breakwater tubes. Choosing the best method will depend on your location, the type of erosion you are dealing with, and budgetary costs.

Vegetation for Erosion Control

If your location is along a small water shoreline, such as the shoreline of a river, lake, stream or similar water bodies, vegetation and natural erosion control may be a good option. Anytime you are dealing with erosion, the most natural solution is build up vegetation. Planting vegetation is a long-term solution that will provide erosion control for years.

Shorelines may be stabilized and prepared for erosion through the use of a Coir Mat or Coir Logs. Our natural, biodegradable products stabilize an area for an extended amount of time while vegetation takes root.

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Rip Rap Erosion Control

nonwoven geotextileAnother common method of erosion control is to implement a form of rip rap along the shoreline. Often when this type of method is used, a geotextile is placed underneath the materials to help stabilize the shore and keep rocks in place. This may include either a nonwoven or woven geotextile fabric, depending on your location, the strength required, and required filtering capabilities.

If you review our Geotextile Fabric Application Page you'll find a wide range of geotextiles and how they can be used for filtering, drainage, separation, or reinforcement.

Breakwater Geotextile Tubes

breakwater geotextile tubeTo answer your question regarding the breakwater geotextile tubes, they can be successfully implemented as a shoreline erosion control method. Known as a Breakwater Geotextile Tubes, these products are installed directly along the coast line to form a barrier and prevent further erosion along the shore.

The breakwater tube is often used on large projects or long coast lines where erosion is a constant factor. The geotextile tube is installed along the coast and then filled with sand and sediment. Water will flow back and forth through the tube, but sediment should remain inside the tube.

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