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Sediment Sludge Bag

Sediment Bags for use on Cargo Tankers

sediment sludge bagQuestion: I am looking for a Sediment Sludge Bag with 50 kg capacity, size: 22 in. X 34in. It should be strong enough to hold 50 kg of sediment sludge, environmental friendly, and able to be used on cargo tanker. The bags are for use by a petroleum company and should not have labels and should be anonymous. The quantity is 200 boxes of 50 bags each. I am not in the USA, I am in Yemen.

I do not have a picture to send you, is the above specification not enough?, You said you make different types of sediment bags. Please offer the one nearest to my spec.

Please give two offers, with 2 and 4 loop handles. Also send a picture of the offered items with your specs. Delivery should be to Texas, USA. So, please add delivery charges. Also advise availability and delivery time.

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Dewatering BagsAnswer: Thank you for contacting our Granite Environmental tech team. We can make many types of sediment bags and geotextile sludge bags, including custom orders. To make sure we both are on the same page a picture of the existing bag or drawing of the requested sediment bag would be helpful. Another question would be if the two or four loop handles are need on top of the sludge bag.

Containment Liner For Roll-Off ContainerWe can also manufacture are sediment bags for the use in shipping containers or roll-off containers. Please see a picture of our roll-off container liner on the right. Our sediment sludge bags can be built to fit inside a container with a closed top to hold the sludge secured.

To provide you the best product solution it would be important to know what your application is and what functionallity is required to make sure that our custom manufactured sediment sludge bag can fulfill your project needs.

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