Sediment and Erosion Control Job

Sediment Barrier and Silt Fence for Erosion Control Project

erosion control silt fenceQuestion: I am bidding on an erosion control job that requires us to provide contractors sediment and erosion control FDOT silt fence and synthetic bales. A sediment barrier is also needed. Can you help?

Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. GEI Works has a full product variety of BMPs and soil erosion control products that can help with all your silt and turbidity control project requirements.

Silt Fence

The Erosion Control Silt Fence is a favorite for areas looking to control or contain silt. They are commonly used in areas requiring sediment control along entrances or other perimeters. These erosion control fences are installed to a location uses wooden stakes to help keep the materials in place.

All erosion control silt fences have been made from reliable geotextile materials that allow them to filter water while retaining sediment. All materials used for our erosion control silt fence have been built to meet minumum specifications including a grab tensile strength of 124 pounds and a water flow of 10 gpm per square feet.

Our silt fence has been approved for use in several different states including Florida.

Coir Logs

coir logsIn regards to the synethic bales, we do offer a couple of coir products that could work for your location. The most closely related product would be our Coir Logs. These coir materials have been placed around areas like construction sites, slopes, and other steep areas regarding sediment or turbidity control. Like our coir wattles, these materials work to filter out water as it is leaving your location.

Over the last few years we have received more and more inquiries for erosion control caused by Beach Erosion, Coastal Erosion, or River Bank Erosion to only name a few. Our erosion control experts can help to assist you with your erosion control job bid and to choose the right product types for your project.

View Additional BMPs (best management practices) we offer.

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