Secondary Containment Solutions

Secondary Containment Berms for Spill Control

secondary containment bermsQuestion: I am in need of secondary containment solutions that I can use to contain small leaks and spills on my site. I require something that is portable, flexible, and easily installed in my location. What options do you have available?

Answer: Depending on the type of secondary containment you require in your location, there are a few options you could consider. For flexible secondary containment, one of the most common products is the Spill Containment Berm.

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Secondary Containment Berm Wall Types

Secondary containment berm solutions are a flexible, portable containment option frequently used for containment under vehicles, machinery, large storage tanks, tankers, and other items. These containment berms are available in several different styles to accommodate and contain materials to your location.

secondary containment solutionsCommon berm styles include the following:

Aluminum angle wall containment berms feature a durable liner material with aluminum angle brackets making up the rigid berm walls. These walls offer high containment of one to two feet. Vehicles can access the berm after aluminum angle brackets have been removed from one of the ends.

Foam wall containment berms are also made with durable liner material but feature self-rising, foam walls. This low-profile secondary containment berm has a wall height of four to eight inches. Vehicles can easily drive over the foam walls to exit and enter the spill containment berm.

A combination berm features aluminum angle walls with self-rising foam ends. This secondary containment berm offers the high capacity wall height with easily accessed foam wall ends.

Finding Solutions Through Secondary Containment Advantages

foam wall bermsSecondary containment berms are available in various sizes and fabric types to accommodate containment needs and compliance requirements for different projects.

Containment berms will vary depending on the requirements of your location and the type of liquid that potentially needs to be contained. Featuring durable fabric for their liners, secondary containment berms are equipped to handle a variety of chemicals and liquids.

Liner options include the following:

  • Reinforced PVC
  • Elvaloy, XR-5, or equivalent materials
  • Polyurethane
  • Secondary containment solutions are equipped to handle various types of fuels, hydrocarbons, chemicals, water, and more. Containing small leaks and keeping in compliance with EPA regulations means having a solution to any spill or leak that should arise.

    kraken absorbent secondary containment solutionsHaving a plan to handle spills and leaks when they occur starts with keeping additional spill absorbents on hand. These products can clean up spills inside and outside of berms, giving you an added layer of protection and compliance. Products like pads, boom, and socks are all part of a spill prevention plan.

    Other spill prevention accessories:

    Our secondary containment berms can be made to order, perfectly fitting your specific needs. For keeping in compliance, secondary containment solutions, made with durable fabric liners and easily accessed by vehicles and machinery, are incredibly necessary.

    For more information on any of our berms or secondary containment products, see Secondary Containment Solutions.

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