Sargassum Beach Resort Solution

There is a Solution to the Sargassum Seaweed Problem

Sargassum Covering Beach ShorelineWorldwide, the Sargassum seaweed problem is growing exponentially, invading the tropics at record rates that make it nearly impossible to keep the beaches clear for use. Due to the impacts of Sargassum, beach resorts often face costly closures. As the volume and scent of decomposing seaweed on the beach increases, so too does the number of booking cancellations. This impacts not only the resort industry, but also local businesses and communities that are dependent on tourism.

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Sargassum Removal MachineryOften, beach resort communities attempt to fight the Sargassum battle by removing the seaweed manually. This process is both expensive, and ineffective. It also creates additional challenges related to disposal of the harvested seaweed and its impact on both the local community and aquatic environments.

Beach Seaweed Removal - Removing the seaweed from the beaches generally requires motorized harvesting equipment. In addition to the initial investment in equipment and the operational costs associated with manning the equipment, the harvesting equipment is constantly exposed to sand and salt, lending to the need for its frequent maintenance.

Sargassum Hauling TruckDisposal of Seaweed - Once the seaweed has been removed from the beach, it needs to be transported to an approved location for long-term decomposition (away from populated areas and public water sources). This can also be costly and creates a new host of challenges, as decomposing Sargassum seaweed has been linked to:

  • generating toxic fumes
  • causing hydrogen sulfide poisoning, with flulike symptoms
  • contributing to copper corrosion
  • damaging expensive equipment (such as air conditioning units), plumbing, and electrical systems

Note: In many locations, the practice of removing seaweed from beaches has been banned, due to its negative impacts on local environments and aquatic habitats.

A never ending battle - No sooner has the seaweed been removed from the beach than the next batch washes ashore, starting the process all over again.

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A Better Sargassum Beach Resort Solution

Black Sargassum Boom BarrierA better, and far more economical option, is to install a seaweed control barrier. Seaweed Control Barrier not only protects your beaches, but keeps your swimming areas and marinas clear of Sargassum as well.

Benefits of Seaweed Control Barrier:

  • Keeps swimming areas, marinas and beaches clear of Sargassum
  • No ongoing staffing or maintenance needs
  • No equipment to upkeep
  • No Sargassum seaweed removal expenses
  • Also will keep swimming areas and beaches clear from floating trash and debris
  • Can be used to designate safe swimming areas, free from boater traffic

Seaweed Control Barrier by GEI Works

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