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Safety Cabinets Storing Flammable Liquids

Question: A visitor contacted us for safety cabinets. He was looking for flammable cabinets to stock laqer, flammable stains, thinners, and some solvents used in their furniture and cabinet manufacturing facility.flammable cabinet, safety cabinets, store flammable liquids

Answer: Our product specialists recommended the proper yellow flammable safety cabinet size for can storage.

Any solvents, flammable or combustible liquids or other material containing toxic chemicals have to be stored properly. The cabinets used to store these flammable liquids have to meet OSHA, NFPA code 30 and UFC 79 standards. They also have to be FM approved.

Typical hazardous material ingredient used in a refinishing, furniture or wood manufacturing facility that has to be stored in flammable safety cabinets are:

  • Wood cleaning and wax removal: petroleum distillates, distillates, white mineral spirits, spirits
  • Refinishing/Stripping: acetone, petroleum distillate %, methanol, methylene chloride, alcohols, ketones, oxygenated solvents, paint solvents, turpentine
  • Staining: mineral spirits, alcohol pigments
  • Painting: toluene, pigments, titanium dioxide, epoxy-ester resins, aromatic hydrocarbon bons, glycol ether, halogenated hydrocarbons, vinyl-acetate acrylic
  • Finishing: Denatured alcohols, resins, shellac, petroleum distillates, toluene diisocyanate
  • Brush cleaning and spray gun cleaning: acetone, toluene, petroleum distillates, methanol, methylene, chloride, isopropanol, mineral spirits, alcohols

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    For more information in regard to hazardous wastes from furniture or wood manufacturing and refinishing facilities read An Industry Overview of Furniture/Wood Manufacturing and Refinishing

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