Riverbank Erosion Control

Stabilization with Coir Logs and Blankets

Riverbank erosion control products by GEI Works are typically 100% biodegradable products used to stabilize banks and slopes along a moving river. Made from high strength coconut coir fibers, these products are designed to hold up against currents and flows. Below you will find more information on common erosion control products used to stabilize slopes and banks.

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Commonly Used Riverbank Erosion Control Products

Due to the high demands placed on these products by water and currents, the most commonly used erosion control material is coconut coir. Derived from the husks of coconuts, coir fibers are high in strength and designed to last anywhere from 2 to 5 years. They are also resistant to salt water damage, making them ideal for riverbank stabilization projects with ocean flow. The lifespan on coir products depends heavily upon the conditions of the site where the logs or blankets will be installed.

Coir Logs

coir logsOne of the most commonly used products for river bank stabilization in the GEI Works' Coconut Coir Logs. Coir logs feature outer coir twine netting filled with densely packed mattress coir fibers. Standard length for GEI Works' coir logs is 10 feet. Multiple logs are typically joined together via coir twine.

Coir logs come in different diameters to fit both calm and demanding water conditions. Riverbank erosion control projects will most likely need larger logs to withstand stronger currents, tides, and wave action.

Coir Blankets

coir blanketsGEI Works' Coir Blankets feature an open-weave design, allowing this riverbank stabilization option to be placed directly along the shore. Depending on the slope of the banks in the project area, mats will feature different open weave sizes. The smaller the weave openings, the steeper the slope they can be used on.

Depending on the slope and the water flow in your location, different matting options or sizes may be able to work better than others. A combination of both materials may also be available to help with erosion along banks.

Coir Fiber Advantages for Rivers

riverbank stabilizationWhether used in coir logs or coir blankets, coconut fiber has several advantages to other natural fiber and permanent fiber materials. Advantages include the following:

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Natural Fibers
  • Poses No Harm to Wildlife
  • Easy to Install
  • High in Strength
  • Stabilizes Areas Allowing Seeds and Plants to Take Root
  • Multiple Sizing Options
  • Creates Structure for Joining Multiple Logs
  • High Resistance to Chemicals, Rot, Rust, and Mold

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