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Erosion Pollution

River Bank Erosion Solved With Coir

Saving Shores with Coir Blankets and Coir Logs

coir logs  and mat on a riverbankWe experienced a problem with our local river bank. The river bank erosion occurring was damaging and the steep slope was becoming an eyesore just behind our house. The riverbank behind our house in Michigan was an eyesore. We were having difficulties with erosion control on the shore. We tried using old tires to solve the problem, but not only did it look terrible, it wasn't environmentally beneficial. We were hoping to find a solution that not only worked, but helped the environment rather than hurt it.

We contacted GEI Works to help us find a better erosion control solution for our 200 feet of stream erosion. They suggested their all-natural Coir Products. Based on our project needs, goals and expectations, together, we determined that the 16 inch Coir Logs and the Semi-Permanent Erosion Control Blanket would do the best river bank erosion control job.

The coir logs prevented further erosion damage and the coir fiber blanket allowed us to plant seedlings to provide future control of the erosion. The coir materials were secured with oak stakes. As we began our river bank erosion project, our neighbors took interest. The concept, ease of installation, environmental benefits and the low cost inspired us all. We as neighbors teamed up and completed both properties at the same time.

Not only did we solve the erosion control problem, but we had fun doing the coir log and coir blanket installation at the same time. Thank you for your support, GEI Works team!

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