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Question: regarding a rail truck gondola liner cover: We have power generating operation and one of the by products is gypsom that we resell to the wall board companies. When we transport the gypsom via rail cart to our customers 900 miles away we need to try to keep the wind from blowing the dust out of the cart during transportation (and our money blowing "out the window". Please can you offer a solution to keep our money on the train. Pics and data to follow via email.

We agree with you that it is wise to suppress the dust both from an environmental stand point and also from thrain truck gondola liner covere point of saving money. Following our telephone conversation, there are a number of options and the key points to think around are:

  • What type of rail tarpaulin cover will be best?
  • What is the speed of the travelling train?
  • How quickly doe the cover need to be put into position and removed?
  • How will it be stored?

We need to look at the solution in terms of how it will fit into the overall process of your operations and with the manpower you have available.

For an example of the proposal you could use, please check out our Railcar Gondola Liners page. This includes the link to a power point presentation that you may be able to used during your project proposal. Included in this presentation are the following:

  • Possible Dimensions you could Use
  • Construction and Materials to Secure the Cover to the Top
  • Material Options

In general, each rail truck gondola liner cover is form-fitting and designed to protect materials during transportation. These covers help to keep gondolas clean and reduces that amount of maintenance required for these vehicles.

These covers meet US DOT regulations for packaging of excavated mater ails. These liners are equipped to hold up to various weather conditions and can be used on aggressive materials.

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