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Drug Disposal Incinerator

Question on a drug disposal incinerator: I would like more information on the portable drug incinerator that I viewed on your web site. I work for the St. Clair County Sheriff's Office and am very interested.

Answer: small scale incineratorThank you for contacting Granite Environmental with your Drug Iincinerator inquiry.

This incinerator is the perfect option for locations, such as police stations, which are looking to safely dispose of illegal drugs, paraphernalia, and other confiscated materials. Built as a safe and economical unit, these incinerators help to safely burn these materials so that all the remains in your incinerator is ash.

Since you have mentioned that you are looking to incinerate items for a County Sheriff's Office, there are couple of specific advantages that these incinerators can provide:

  • Lower Drug Disposal Costs: These incinerators work to specifically lower the costs of drug disposal of police stations, custom offices, and other facilities. Rather than having to send these drugs out every single time an incineration process occurs, materials can be burned in-house for large savings over time.

  • Easy to Use, Transport, and Store: The drug disposal incinerator is also incredibly easy to use, transport and store in your location. Units can be moved or unstacked for easy mobility around your area. In addition, typically, no special skills are required in order to operate the unit. All units will include a control panel that will allow for startup and control of the incineration process. Manuals may be provided with your incinerator to help with this product.

  • Safe Disposal of Materials: When storing these materials in your location, safety is the main priority. These drug incinerators can limit the amount of time a storage material remains on your site, increasing safety and disposal.

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