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Question: I need a price quote for incinerator I found on your site. This incinerator is portable and says that it can be used for drug disposal. How much would this incinerator cost? Would it be more economical than paying someone to dispose of my materials? I work in a police station and deal with the drug disposal problem a lot.

Answer: small scale incineratorThank you for contacting us! The Small Drug Incinerator is an extremely economical way to dispose of large quantities of drugs. These incinerators are often used by law enforcement, police stations, and other officials to safely and accurately dispose of drugs.

In terms of how economical this unit will be, that will depend on how often you dispose of materials and long-term considerations. Drug Incinerators are often used by stations as a long term solution for drug disposal. Rather than having to constantly collect drugs, store drugs, and then have those drugs incinerated, drugs can be incinerated at their station with their own portable unit. Over time this solution is often significantly more economical than paying companies to dispose of the drugs for you. Get more information about how to get your Portable Incinerator for Drug Disposal.

Price Quote for Incinerator

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In addition to being economical, our drug disposal incinerators are really easy to use. Operation will require 25 gallons of diesel or #2 fuel oil and 120 VAC, 25 amp. Once materials have been placed into the primary unit, the incineration process can be started through control panels included with unit. No additional personnel or training is required.
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