Potable Water Storage Tanks

Plastic Rectangular Storage Tanks

potable water storage tanksLooking for chemical or potable water storage tanks? These rectangular units are a great choice for safely storing not only fresh water, but also various kinds of pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals. When safety of contents inside or outside of the tank is a concern, a plastic tank is a worthwhile option for protecting both you and your items.

Since the polyethylene construction of these rectangular plastic tanks makes them light in weight, transportation of these storage tanks is both quick and easy to achieve. Commonly these tanks have been used to store drinking water, spray fertilizers, or as a pest control unit. Regardless of what application you need for this tank, its high level of durability will equip you with a tank that will last for ages. Not sure which type of potable water storage tank you need? See our tank selection guide.

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  • FDA Approved
  • UV Stabilized
  • High Resistance to Contact
  • Typically Features an 8" Manway


  • Can be used as Fresh Water Tank, Spray Tank or Pest Control Container
  • Great for Use as Pressure Washer Tank
  • Black Coloring Provides Resistance to Algae

Capacity Size (W x L x H) Manway Fittings
500 92" x 48" x 31" - -
50 41" x 27" x 17" 8 " No Fitting
100 41" x 27" x 30" 8 " No Fitting
200 48" x 36" x 29" 8 " No Fitting
300 63" x 42" x 30" 8 " No Fitting

As a small rectangular tank, these plastic units are ideal for both the storage and transportation of water. Tanks are self-supporting so they can fit securely in the back of vehicles, ATC, trailers and more. These tanks have also been frequently used in spray and watering applications.

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