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Portable Incinerators for Drugs

small scale incineratorI am looking into portable incinerators that can be used for drugs. The challenge we faced was finding someone to take the collected drugs and dispose of them, so I thought I would look at purchasing or our Health council would purchase an incinerator for the Sheriff's department.

A portable drug incinerator can be an extremely effective choice for drug disposal. Designed to dispose of your drugs quickly, efficiently, and safely, these incinerators have been a common choice for use in Sheriff departments and other government entities.

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Common Portable Drug Incinerator Uses:

  • Incineration of Confiscated or Illicit Drugs
  • Sterilization of Non-Combustible Drug Paraphernalia
  • Prescription Drug Collection and Disposal

Benefits of the Drug Incinerator:

Portable: This portable drug incinerator is easy to move and store around police stations. This allows you to safely store the incinerator in your station, and bring it out for use when needed.

Compact Ash Remains: After incineration, the remaining ash in the unit will be significantly smaller in size and amount, allowing you to quickly dispose of the remains.

Dual Chamber Design: This provides a double incineration process that will incinerate materials in the first chamber and then further incinerate gases in the secondary chamber. This helps to thoroughly incinerate products before releasing smoke into the air.

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