Portable Gas Tank

11 gallon Gas Caddy

The Gas Pal


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Gas PalThe portable gas tank is a smaller unit designed to transport a maximum of eleven (11) gallons of fuel. Built into this portable gas unit is an easy-to-pull handle that makes it easier to pull the cart to specific locations. Once this gas pal has arrived at your desired location, you can then use the six (6) foot built-in gravity feed hose to transport your fuel from the tank to your gas-feuled item.

Helping to prevent the unit from sparking or catching on fire during its use, these tanks are manufactured with recessed non-sparking polypropylene wheels and a brass shut-off valve. This type of structuring not only prevents the unit from being overfilled, but also ensures that surrounding elements are also equipped to handle the nature of the stored items.

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  • Hose Approved by U.L.
  • Contains a Shut-Off Valve made of Brass
  • Wheels made of Recessed Polypropylene
  • 6 Foot Hose Included
  • Built-in Handle


  • Wheels Non-Sparking to Prevent Potential Hazards
  • Shuts Off When it Reaches Capacity
  • Handle Provides Easy Mobility
  • Transports Fuel Easily
  • Wheels Designed to Handle Shifts in Temperature
Gas Pal Specifications
Dimensions D x W x H Capacity
13" x 11" x 33 1/2" 11 gallons