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Portable Diesel Gas Caddy

Portable Fuel These portable fuel tanks serve to function with the same safety and durability as the gas caddy, only they instead are designed to primarily hold diesel fuel. To help ensure that the transportation of your flammable materials is safe, this diesel caddy is manufactured to meet standards set by the US Coast Guard, the UN, and DOT specifications.

Each portable fuel tank comes with a ten foot U.L. approved hose that contains static wire and has a spring-loaded nozzle. This hose will allow you to quickly transfer diesel from your caddy with little chance of dripping or leaking. Additionally, the features of both the caddy and the hose will also provide you with safe storage of your diesel even while it is stored in a stationary condition.

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  • Aluminum Axle (Non-Sparking)
  • UL Approved Hose
  • 3/4" UL Approved Ball Valve
  • Nylon Bearings
  • Cap that is Vented
  • Spring Loaded Nozzle
  • Meets DOT Requirements
  • Meets UN Requiremen


  • Takes Appropriate Precautions Against Flammable Materials
  • Leak Resistant Nozzle
  • Provides a Smooth Transportation for the Fuel
  • Bears UN Marking "UN3H1W"
  • Meets Regulations for the Safe Portability for Diesel
Diesel Caddy Technical Specifications
Dimensions D x W x H Capacity
22 1/2" x 27 1/2" x 41" 28 gallons

If you will be needing to transfer fuel to some object or location that is above the height of the diesel container, optional pump kits are also available.

Need to store a different type of fuel? Also available is a twenty-eight (28) gallon Gas Caddy, a (15) gallon Portable Gas Tanks and an (11) gallon Portable Gas Pal.

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