Portable Tanks for Liquid Transportation

Collapsible, Poly, and Steel Portable Tanks

Portable tanks are designed to make the transportation and storage of your liquids easy, reliable, and safe. We offer a wide variety of materials and styles to satisfy your exact liquid storage needs. All of our tanks are made in the USA. Not sure what you need? Check out our Tank Selection Guide.

Questions about portable tanks? Give our GEI Works product specialists a call at: +1-772-646-0597.

Portable Tank Options

plastic pickup truck tankPlastic Pickup Truck Tank: The plastic pickup truck tanks are an economical way to transport water. Sizes are available up to 425 gallons and can fit in both full size & mini pickup truck beds.

plastic transport tankPlastic Transport Tank: We carry a variety of plastic transport tanks for hauling and moving liquid. Tank styles include rectangular, elliptical, horizontal, and trailer mounted models.

mobile steel tankMobile Steel Tanks: These tanks work to bring fluids between off-road sites. They are perfect for transportation of Class III combustible liquids.

frame tankFrame Tanks: Our quick erect line of portable frame tanks are great for decontamination, temporary recovery storage after spills, and water storage during firefighting efforts. Easily carried by 1-2 people.

Collapsible Tanks

Pillow TankBladder tanks, pillow tanks, and water blivets are flexible tanks designed to make the transportation and storage of your liquids easy. Large bladders are commonly used for fire suppression systems or large capacity fuel storage. They have also been used as a replacement for leaky cisterns.

These collapsible pillow and bladder tanks are also ideal for drinking water and fuel storage during military operations. They are widely used for emergency drinking water supply for shelters / communities, or rural job sites.

These tanks are also used for black and gray water storage (RV Tanks) for latrines, laundries and temporary storage of contaminants when service vehicles are not readily available.

Plastic Tanks

plastic transport tankWe carry a variety of plastic tanks and PE poly tanks for potable water storage, agricultural solutions, chemicals, and more. Portable tank styles include: water trailers, chemical sprayers, and pickup truck tanks. Many tanks are made with FDA approval for potable water.

Here you can find all the plastic tanks available for both drinking water and gray water storage. Models include vertical, horizontal, elliptical, and pickup truck tanks.

Questions about portable tanks? Give our GEI Works product specialists a call at: +1-772-646-0597.

Portable Tank Manufacturing Quality (Collapsible Tanks)

flexible tanksOur collapsible portable tanks are manufactured using state of the art radio frequency and heat welding and vulcanizing techniques. All seams are appropriately taped, pressure and leak tested. Most importantly we utilize the very best coated fabrics and components which are specifically engineered for liquid containment.

All fittings are selected based on compatibility and function with stored liquid. Pressure relief vents are used to allow air to escape upon filling and these can be automatic, based on pressure, or manual screw caps.

Please discuss required fill and discharge options, support, fasteners, grounds anchors, berm/ground liners, shade shelters, etc. to ensure smooth in-field operations.

**Many of our portable tanks type designs incorporate rigorous tests and adhere to appropriate state and federal regulations.**

Please Note: The recommended contact time is a guide only. It implies that, at that stage, some of the mechanical properties could start to change. All is depending on care, storage, weather conditions, etc.

Many customers have successfully used materials recommended for 90 days for over 2 years without problems. Read more about our Portable Tanks Warranty.

No assembly required, simply unfold, install the form fit liner, and fill!! The liner is disposable and 100% recyclable.

static storage tanks

Questions about portable tanks? Give our GEI Works product specialists a call at: +1-772-646-0597.