Portable Tanks for Fire Fighting

Folding Frame Firefighting Tanks

frame tanksQuestion: Do you have portable tanks for fire fighting? Please give me some information on these tanks and how they have been used for fire fighting efforts.

Answer: Thank you for asking! For the type of water storage you are looking to achieve, a great option would be one of our portable frame tanks. These tanks are designed with an open
top, folding frame, and easy-to-fill style for use with fire fighting efforts.

Specifications for the folding frame tanks have included the following:

  • Capacities: 500 to 5000 gallons
  • Frame Options: Steel or Aluminum
  • Fittings: Camlock, Ball Valves, Flange
  • Fabric: Spec'd to meet the liquid you're intended to store

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Due to their fast setup and easy transportation, these tanks have commonly been used in fire fighting efforts. Once in place in a location, large water tankers can fill the units up with required amounts of water. After the tanks are filled, tankers can be transported back to water centers to refill. This allows a continuous supply of water to be available to firefighters as tanks are free to go back and forth.

Advantages used for these tanks have included the following:

  • Large Quantities of Water Available
  • Easy to Fill (place hoses at the open top)
  • Easy to Transport (folds up and moves to a new location)
  • Large Capacities Available (up to 5000 gallons)
  • Fitting Options Available to empty the unit after use

Additional Portable Tanks for Fire Fighting

onion tanksExtremely similar in style and design, another common choice for firefighting efforts is the Self-Supporting Onion Tank. These tanks feature an open top and capacities as high as 20,000 gallons. When not in use, these tanks will lie flat until they are filled with water. This makes them easy and flat for transportation.

Many customers have successfully used materials recommended for 90 days for over 2 years without problems. Read more about our Portable Tanks Warranty.

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