Incinerator for Funeral Home

Funeral Home Crematory Incinerator

incinerator for funeral homeQuestion: I am a funeral home owner and would consider a portable incinerator. What would the cost be?

Answer: Thank you for asking. In terms of our portable units, we do not currently have a portable incinerator model that is rated for the disposal of corpses. We do offer a Medical Waste Incinerator, but this is specifically intended for waste materials such as used medical equipment. It would not be safe enough or large enough to incinerator corpses.

We do, however, offer several Solid Waste Incinerators that could easily be used for the cremation and diposal of pathological human remains. The unit we would typically recommend for this type of disposal is our Solid Waste Incinerator for Funeral Home Model A 165. This large unit is specifically created for waste incineration.

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Construction of this Incinerator

The construction of the incinerator for funeral home includes some of the following components:

  • Multi-Chambered Controlled Air Spec
  • Hot Hearth Design
  • Hydraulic Actuated Guillotine Charging/Cleanout Door
  • System Capacity of 165 lbs/hr
  • System Controls
    • Primary and Secondary Temperature Control
    • Fuel and Air Control
    • Hydraulic System Control
    • Burner Interface, Status and Reset Access

This incinerator is manufactured with a hot hearth design and mazed secondary combustion chamber, providing advanced turbulent thermal oxidation of combustion gases with a 2 second retention capacity.

Designed with a hydraulic actuated guillotine charging/clean-out door and integral remains collection hopper, this incinerator model A 165 is ideal for funeral homes and cremation services.

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