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Portable Incinerator for Drug Disposal

Q: Hello, I am looking for Portable Incinerators. I would like to use the incinerator for drug disposal. I would need to dispose of several different drugs. What kind of fuel would I require for this incinerator? medical waste incinerator

A: Thank you for contacting Granite Environmental. I'd be happy to tell you about our drug disposal incinerators.

These portable units are designed specifically for the safe disposal of drug-related materials such as confiscated drugs, illegal drugs and more. In addition, these incinerators are also equipped sterilize non-combustible materials such as paraphernalia.

Drug Incinerator Fueling Requirements

Fueling requirements for this drug incinerator includes 25 gallons of either diesel fuel or #2 fuel oil. To begin an incineration process, please do the following:

  1. Stack up your Unit. Incinerators are designed to as a movable stacking unit. Before your incineration begins, please make sure that the chambers have been properly stacked.

  2. Fill the Gas Tank and Plug in the Unit.

  3. Load Materials into the Primary Chamber. After being loaded into the primary chamber, incineration can occur and continue into the secondary chamber.

Once the incineration process is complete, the remaining ash will be significantly less in volume than the original material that you loaded into the drum. If the drugs that you have inserted into the incinerator are non-combustible drug paraphernalia, these materials will have been sterilized by the heat and the remains can be safely disposed of in a municipal waste.

Benefits of this Drug Incinerator:

  • Safely Incinerates Illicit Drugs
  • Sterilizes Non-Combustible Drug Paraphernalia
  • Easy to Use
  • Material Reduced to Ash

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