FAQ - Portable Diesel Tank with Trailer

Steel Diesel Fuel Tank Trailer

Question: I need a portable diesel tank with a trailer. Do you have anything like this?

portable diesel tankAnswer: Thank you for contacting GEI Works! We do have a portable diesel tank that could be a great fit for this. This mobile diesel tank is an ideal solution for commercial and industrial transport of fluids between off-road sites. Available in 500- and 1000-gallon capacities, the following customizable options and accessories are available for this mobile diesel tank:

  • Normal and Emergency Vents
  • Level and Leak Detection Systems
  • Vent Pipes
  • Lockable Fill Caps
  • Integral or Add-on Spill Containment
  • Suction Pipes
  • Platform or Tank Mounted Pumps
  • Complete Pump Systems

GEI Works' mobile diesel tanks come with a customer trailer that allows for hook up to the back of vehicles and other transportation devices. These trailers are DOT compliant and can be used for on-road and off-road transportation.

Built with durable, rugged features, the portable diesel tank with trailer has been used for a wide range of applications including use around construction sites, agricultural locations, and other areas needing portable fuel.

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