Spill Containment System

Containment Berms for Container Terminal Operations

container terminal operations portIntermodal freight transport is the backbone of the world's trade system. Cargo can be moved around the globe without handling the freight itself. The Port of Los Angeles, the busiest container terminal in the United States, alone processed 8.86 million TEUs (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit) in 2016. With so many ISO containers moving through these facilities, spills will happen and equipment will get dirty. Port terminal operations must be ready with a containment system for situations that arise during routine maintenance or unexpected accidents.

GEI Works has spill containment barriers of all types to fit the needs of both small and large container terminals. For equipment washing, drive through berms allow of easy access and transportation. Angle berms provide sturdy, reliable containment for container spills and leaks. Dimensions for the containment berms begin at 6' x 6' for small machinery and range up to 16' x 50' or bigger for intermodal containers. Fabric options allow containment of fuels, hydrocarbons, chemicals, and waste water. Contact our specialists with your fuel spill containment requirements.

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Container Terminal Equipment Washing

drive through berms with combination sidesMuch of the equipment used in port terminal operations is used and stored outdoors. From portable gantry cranes and sidelifters to forklifts and straddle carriers, container terminal equipment moves throughout the port, transporting ISO containers to their proper storage areas or to next transportation vehicles. Between natural elements, maintenance fluids, and spills, all the machinery gets dirty and needs regular washing. In doing so, all port terminal operations standards need to meet stormwater and other regulation compliance.

GEI Works offers containment berms in a variety of sizes to meet requirements for even extremely large equipment. For equipment on wheels or moved by forklift, the Drive Through Berm is an excellent choice. Two parallel containment walls use sturdy aluminum angle brackets to hold in any wash water with contaminants from the equipment. The other sides feature self-rising foam, so they lay flat when empty of easy transport on and off the berm. When liquids began to fill up the containment system, the one foot tall walls automatically raise to stop spills out of the area.

For shorter drive through walls on all sides, read about the Foam Wall Berm.

Containment System for Cargo Containers

aluminum angle spill containment bermWith hundreds or thousands of intermodal containers moving through a port at any time, they are many important containment terminal procedures in place to ensure safety. If the contents of a container break or spill, containment system deployment should occur immediately. Gantry cranes can move the problem containers to hover above spill berms, curbing any contamination, and set them down when employees are ready to clean it out.

The Aluminum Angle Berm provides quick containment for leaking shipping containers. Standard capacities go up to 16'x 50' with 1' high containment walls – more than enough space for standard twenty- and forty-foot long containers. Custom options are also available for larger spill containment barriers. Multiple fabric options for fuel spill containment ensure that regulations within the container terminal safety procedures can be met for nearly any type of liquid.

For all spill containment barriers from GEI Works, visit the Containment Berm Overview.

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