Polyethylene Water Tanks

Specialty Poly Water Tanks

Poly TanksThese polyethylene water tanks are manufactured in non-traditional shapes and sizes to more efficiently adapt to your specific water storage needs. The different sizes and construction of the tanks offer an individual advantage. Whether you are looking for self-supporting tanks to store around your site, tanks to transport water to different locations, or tanks that can fit through slender areas, these are the units for you.

The plastic holding tanks with capacities of 375 or 400 gallons are slender enough to fit through tight areas, such as doorways or narrow passages. Both versions of these tanks can be free-standing allowing you to place them around various locations without worrying about losing your supply of water. View more Plastic Water Tanks

The plastic tanks with a storage capacity of 1250, 1500, or 2400 gallons are less tall and contains a flat, low profile design. This can come in handy if you need to haul the tank around your site or to different locations. They could also fit neatly beneath a home.

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Polyethylene Water Tank Features:

  • Size A:
    • Storage Capacity: 375 Gallons
    • Narrow Construction
  • Size B:
    • Storage Capacity: 400 Gallons
    • Self-Supporting
  • Size C:
    • Storage Capacity: 1250, 1500, and 2400 Gallons
    • Low to the Ground Shape


  • Size A:
    • Light in Weight for Swift Movement to Different Areas
    • Supports Itself
  • Size B:
    • Fits Through Narrow Spaces
    • Will Remain Standing
  • Size C:
    • Great for Transportation
    • Can be used as a Hauling Tank

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Specialty Water Holding Tanks
Capacity (gal) Size (W x H x L)
375 (A) 30 x 60 x 62
400 (B) 29 x65 x 60
1250 (C) 80 x 35 x 132
1500 (C) 81 x 41 x 130
2400(C) 90 x 51 x 149

A, B, and C Correspond to the Shape and Size of the Products

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