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Plastic Septic Tanks

Plastic Septic Tanks and Plumbing Kits

plastic septic tanksPlastic septic tanks can be a dependable alternative to a concrete or steel septic tank. Their polyethylene construction allows them to last just as long as a more traditional tank, without the problems of rusting or corroding over time.

A plastic septic tank is also more equipped to handle the nature of being store underground with various soils and chemicals. The lid or lids on these septic tanks are manufactured in a domed design that allows the top to fit firmly onto the tank. This effectively functions as a seal to the tank, preventing sewage from leaking out and polluting ground water or soils. Additionally, tanks are made using seamless polyethylene that greatly reduce the chance of the tank leaking or cracking.

These plastic septic tanks can be placed below homes, cabins, trailers, portable construction buildings and even placed in outhouses. View our Plastic Tanks page for more information.

Single Compartment Tanks

plastic septic tanksFeatures

  • Rugged Ribbed Exterior
  • Linear Polyethylene Construction
  • Arrives Pre-Plumbed
  • Lid Secures Tightly to Top of Tank
  • Single Compartment


  • Designed to Handle Elements Under the Ground
  • Interior Made for Sewage Storage
  • Simple Installation
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Will Last Longer

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Double Compartment Tanks


    septic tanks
  • Rugged Ribbed Exterior
  • Interior Made with High Chemical Resistance
  • Lid Fastens Tightly to the Unit
  • Double Compartment


  • Can be Used as A System Replacement or New Unit
  • Equipped to Handle Elements in the Ground
  • Simple Installation Method
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Interior Made to Handle Sewage
  • Holds More Water

Plumbing Kits

manhole extensionFeatures

  • Your Choice of:
    • Service Weight Sanitary Tees
    • Service Weight Gasket Kit
    • Schedule 40 Sanitary Tees
    • Schedule 40 Gasket Kits


  • Helps Direct the Flow of your Materials
  • Makes Tanks more Secure

Underground Septic Tanks Single Compartment

Capacity (Gallons) Length Width Height Height to Inlet Height to Outlet
300 Sphere 54" 54" 44" 42"
500 101" 51" 47" 36" 33"
1,000 102" 60" 63" 51" 48"
1,500 135" 55" 70" 59" 56"

Please visit our Plastic Water Tanks page for more information.

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