Oil Absorbent Pad for Secondary Containment

Scissor Lift Diaper to Absorb and Contain Spills

oil absorbent padThe Scissor Lift Diaper absorbent is a form-fitting product designed to line the bottom of scissor lifts while they are in use. Rather than placing down containment after a spill, these absorbents provide a built-in option that can address spills the second they occur. This option has helped to prevent oil, lubricants and other pollutants from hitting the floor.

Each absorbent tarp comes with eight (8) magnets that help to fasten the diaper in place during transportation. Absorbents are great for any facility, warehouse or storage center with scissor lifts.

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Absorbent Features

  • Material: Poly Backed Absorbing
  • Design: Fits Securely to the Bottom of Scissor Lifts
  • Includes 8 Heavy-Duty Magnets
    to Secure the Absorbent

Absorbent Benefits

  • Secures to the Bottom of Scissor Lifts
  • One Size Fits All
  • Prevents Materials from Contaminating the
    Surrounding Area
  • Dual Support of Both an Absorbent and a Tarp
  • Moves with Scissor Lift to Provide Containment

Scissor Lift Diaper Specifications

Product Refill
Includes (1) 16" W x 10'L Diaper and (8) Fastening Magnets 3 Replacement Diapers

How Do Oil Absorbent Pads Keep You in Compliance?

  • Prevents Oil & Lubricants from Leaking
  • Helps Avoid Costly Spills
  • Helps Prevent Hazardous Wet Floors

Additional Tarp Products

secondary containment productsKeeping sites clean and free from leaks is a common requirements for any facility or industrial location. Working to meet the needs of several industries, including oil field and mining sites, industrial locations, and storage facilities, GEI Works offers a range of spill containment and oil absorbent pads and products including:

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