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Press Release "Granite Environmental, Inc. (now GEI Works) offers site specific innovative oil cleanup solutions for the spill catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico" oil spill solutions

Sebastian, FL, June 23, 2010 - Granite Environmental, Inc. is offering site specific oil spill cleanup solutions within the natural project cycle, such as oil boom fence for wetlands, marshes and bayous, absorbent rolls for quick spool deployment, submersible absorbent curtains, tar ball control , storage tanks for static and dynamic applications, barge curtains and liners , and more.

Granite Environmental, Inc. (GEI Works), a contract manufacturer, located in Florida, USA, provides global solutions in the water pollution market for companies, government, and private households.

The use of dispersant "Corexit" (manufactured by Nalco Co.) has significantly changed the behavior of the crude oil and the vast majority of the crude is not behaving in a way normally seen in oil spills. Due to this, traditional oil containment booms and skimmers are not working as effectively as they normally would as most of the crude is subsurface and not easily recoverable. Granite Environmental, Inc. is working tirelessly to develop recovery and containment solutions suitable for this spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

According to Mark Wilkie, president, "GEI's expertise is a "hands on" approach. Together with contractors in the field, we are developing site specific oil spill solutions to protect and ensure natural resources on local level. The technologies GEI has successfully utilized on prior PCB and Brown Field projects, can be easily adapted to this oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The coal tar containment and recovery technology on these previous projects lends itself well to this situation and means a well thought through and steady approach. Granite Environmental Inc. has a strong philosophy of teaming with multiple companies to accomplish a task thus ensuring the very best supply chain, technology and products are available."


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