Oil Spill Containment Valve Applications

Oil Spillage Prevention and Control

Steel Oil Spill Containment ValveSolutions to stop oil spills and minimize their impact are at the forefront of a number of industries around the world. While oil spill prevention can be costly to prepare and implement, clean up and remediation is even costlier, making oil spillage prevention and control so essential.

The oil spill containment valve makes an integral part of a truly excellent oil spill prevention plan. With different models and sizes, it can fit with most solutions to stop oil spills.

Read further for applications that can benefit from the oil stop valve which include:

  • Oil Storage Areas
  • Transportation Fueling Systems
  • Military and Government Facilities
  • Petroleum Marketing Facilities
  • Electric Utilities and Power Plants

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Oil Storage AreaOil Storage Areas

The United States produces over 4 million barrels of crude oil in a year and imports twice that just to cover the needs of businesses and consumers. All that oil must be stored somewhere before making its way to various refineries across the country. With so much raw product in one place, spills are always a risk.

Each of these oil hubs has an aggressive and comprehensive oil spill prevention plan in place. The oil spill containment valve makes a perfect addition. The large flow capacity, up to 1400 GPM per valve depending on size, ensures its usefulness in such massive facilities. In addition, since no power is required for the oil stop valve to work, there no worry of an accident even in the event of a power shortage.

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Transportation Fueling SystemsTransportation Fueling Systems

Oil and fuel are necessary around the country and much of the world. Some companies build their businesses simply around transporting resources to these places. They have terminals stationed strategically around the country, transporting fuel as needed. With so much fuel in so many areas, they must consider how to contain oil spills.

The multiple available sizes of the oil spill containment valve can fit into these terminals no matter their capacities. The PVC model works best in the warmer climate terminals, while the stainless steel fits colder areas. The entire fuel transportation system is covered with oil stop valve customization options.

Military Planes for FuelingMilitary and Government Facilities

Many military bases and government structures have programs and equipment that require large s) storage and handling facilities. Each new construction includes environmentally-friendly measures to prevent spills and pollution.

The oil spill containment valve works great as part of an oil containment system to keep oil spills from harming the environment. Even if an accident should happen, the valve automatically closes as oil reaches the discharge pipe, trapping any spills. Since it only has one moving part that works between the gravities of oil and water, the oil spill containment valve does its job in any emergency, even through loss of power. The military's oil supply can always be kept secure.

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Petroleum Marketing FacilityPetroleum Marketing Facilities

A petroleum marketer is any individual or business that takes possession of oil and petroleum based products in order to resell them, whether that is wholesale or retail. This can include gas stations, heating oil businesses, lubricant warehouses, truck stops, and much more. All of these companies keep petroleum on site, so they need a comprehensive oil containment system in place.

Even the tiniest petroleum marketer can make use of the oil spill containment valve. The discharge pipe comes in a variety of sizes with the smallest at 4". Combined with a small sump, gas stations are taken care of easily. The extended pipe of the stainless steel model keeps the fire hazards of truck stops and fuel stations at bay. Safety of the facility and surroundings takes priority.

Electric UtilityElectric Utilities and Power Plants

While oil is not as popular for use in power plants as it once was, there are still a number of oil-fired plants in the United States, where oil is burned to create electrical energy. Other oil-powered plants convert burned oil to mechanical energy, which runs a generator. Regardless of the style of power plant, immense quantities of oil are needed to produce electricity, so solutions to stop oil spills must be ready to deploy.

The oil spill containment valve is ready to help with something as important as electric power. The ballasted float keeps oil confined in the case of an accident, so it can be recovered and used for its intended purpose. The discharge heights and directions are customizable to every power plant, so the solution fits the area and problem exactly. With the self-opening slave valve option, production can resume as soon as possible after an incident. The oil stop valve does its part in keeping power flowing to the world.

Oil Spill Containment Valve - Endless Applications

Can your business use the oil stop valve? These are only a small number of the applications for the oil spill containment valve. Any industry that uses large amounts of oil can benefit. Contact GEI Works today to see how the oil stop valve fits your business!

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