Oil Spill Clean Up Equipment

Oil Booms to Stay Prepared in Panama City, Florida

oil spill cleanup boomQuestion: Hi, I am in Panama City, Florida and trying to get prepared for the Gulf oil spill. I want to protect my bay-front property and could use some help identifying what product(s) to use. My beach is on the bay where the waves are no more than 1 feet - 1.5 feet.

I want to protect the grass area at the shore where the water is about 1 foot deep at high tide. What's your recommendation? Is this boom for shallow waters or fast current? What is the cost per 100 feet sections? What material is used for the oil spill boom?

Answer: Thank you for asking. In general, the Oil Containment Boom is available in different styles for both shallow water and fast current. Due to their short skirt design, most oil containment booms are created with a skirt depth of either 6" or 12". This is short enough to work in your area at containing and controlling products.

oil spill cleanup equpiment absorbentSince you have mentioned that you have a fairly fast current but it is still in a bay, we would recommend the use of a oil spill boom for fast current water conditions. This oil containment boom uses slightly more durable materials and can be used in rivers, estuaries, bays, and other locations that features a moving current. Sizing for these booms includes: 18", 19", 24", 36", and 42" with depths of either 6" or 12".

If you are looking for a way to additional clean up small amounts of oil that wash up on your shore, you may also consider the use of an absorbent as oil spill clean up equipment. Our absorbent products include pads, rolls, floating absorbent booms, and more to contain spills and clean up spills. Please view our Absorbents page or Oil Spill Clean Up page for more information. Absorbents may also be sold in spill kits.

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