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Oil Skimmers

oil skimmerOil Skimmers are a floating device used to skim oil off the surface of water or liquid. Many skimmers use oil-attracting materials to help draw the oil to the system and facilitate a more complete cleanup.

Depending on your specific water area and conditions, different skimmers might work better in different conditions. You can also find your oil skimmer by the type of cleanup you need achieve. Listed below are some of the standard skimmers you might find during a cleanup effort. You can also view specific skimmer products on our Skimmers for Oil Cleanup Variety Page.

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Weir Skimmer

weir oil skimmerThe Weir Skimmer is a flotation device that allows oil & water to flow through its system. The oil is retained and collected for late disposal. Weir skimmers differ in their style and design. Some are placed passively to float in the water and collect as much oil as they can. Other models are more active and feature a self-adjusting weir that adapts to changing water levels. This adjusting helps the unit to take in only oil.

Another type of weir skimmer features a pontoon floating system. This weir contains four flotation devices that help keep the unit at the right water level. These weirs can feature a higher capacity for oil storage, while still keeping units at the right water level.

Drum Skimmer

2 drum skimmerThe drum skimmer features a floating aluminum structure with a rotating oil drum inside. This drum is made from oil-attracting materials that help draw in the oil and collect it on their surface. Once the oil has been scraped off the surface of the drum, it is placed in a separate container to be sucks out a later time.

Disc Skimmers

Disc skimmers function similar to the oil drum skimmer, but uses a series of discs instead of a drum. disc type oil skimmerThe oil attaches to these discs and is then scraped off and placed into a trough for later suction and disposal.

To find out more information on how an oil skimmer works visit our page.

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