Kraken Oil Fence Boom

Perfect for Wetlands, Marshes And Bayous

oil fenceThe Kraken Oil Fence Boom is a great alternative to standard oil containment and control barriers. Rather than featuring a large top flotation, the oil boom fence features a series of flat panel floats that float in the water to contain materials and debris. With a flatter overall design, these booms remain more compact during storage and can be easily deployed from boom reels.

Fence boom is made from a 22 oz. impermeable PVC that can successfully handle contact with oil. Due to their quick deployment, this fencing is commonly used in wetlands, marshes, marinas, docks, loading areas, and bayous.

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Fence Boom Specifications

Model Depth Freeboard Ballast Chain
12" Boom 6" 6" 1/4"
19" Boom 6" 12" 1/4"
24" Boom 8" 16" 5/16"
36" Boom 12" 23" 5/16"

Section Lengths: Oil Fence Booms are typically available in section lengths of either 25', 50', or 100'.

Top Cable: If your boom is being used in a moving water area, top cables can be placed on top of the boom for added strength and support.

Oil Boom Fence Benefits

    oil fence boom
  • Flat Panels
  • Requires Limited Storage Space
  • Quick to Place and Install
  • Folds into a Compact Structure
  • Marine Grade Components for Extended Water Use
  • Calm and Moving Water Models
  • Holds up to UV Exposure and Multiple Temperatures

Oil Fencing is the perfect solution for any location dealing with extended oil containment in marinas, harbors, bays, and calm water areas. While these booms can be used on their own, they are also commonly used in conjunction with a oil absorbent to help contain and clean up oil. You can view and example of a customer inquiry about oil fence to stop oil flow.

Oil Containment Products

The Oil Fence Boom is one of many oil spill clean up products designed to assist in oil containment, control, and recovery. For additional help during the clean up process, please check out the following oil spill cleanup products:

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