Oil Boom Material For Production

Oil Boom Fabric

GEI Works has oil boom material of 60,000 yard in stock and available to ship out immediately.oil boom material The material is coated PVC fabric with a total coated fabric weight of 22 oz, 61" wide, and perfect to manufacture oil booms.

Press Release Oil Boom Fabric

Product Data:

  • Coating Material: PVC
  • Fabric Type: Polyester
  • Total Coated Fabric Weight: 22 oz/sq. yd. +/- 1 oz/sq. yd.
  • Tensile Strength, Method ASTM D 751, A: 225 lbs/inch
  • Tear Strength (Tongue), Method ASTM D 751: 90 lbs warp/95 lbs fill
  • Blocking Resistance, Method ASTM D 751: # 1
  • Hydrostatic Resistance, Method ASTM D 751, Proc 2 (50 cm for 10 min): 400 psi
  • Adhesion (min) ASTM D 751: 15 lbs/in.
  • Low Temperature Flexibility, Method ASTM D 2136: -40°F
  • High Temperature Resistance, Method ASTM D 1204: +180°F
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