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Oil Boom for Shipyard

Oil Boom for Placement in a Shipyard Business Location

Question regarding an oil boom for shipyard: I'm in the shipyard business, and I'm working with a client who will be building tugs and barges for his operation in Central America. I'm looking for a budgetary price on 300' of oil boom - your 18 would be oil boom for shipyardperfect. I'm just looking for specs and a rough figure for now because it will be 18 months before we complete the building process for him. Thank you

Answer: Greetings! Thank you for contacting GEI Works. I'd be happy to provide you with more information on our Oil Booms. It is designed with semi-flexible internal foam flotation and a flexible fabric skirt. The Oil Booms are available in different sizes and strengths to contain spills in conditions from quiescent waters to open ocean waves. Our calm water boom comes in sizes from 10-24" in height and are perfect for quick response to spills in streams, canals, roadside ditches and other shallow calm water areas thus avoiding lake pollution.

You may also consider checking out our absorbent boom, which is made for spill cleanup to skim or absorb oil and liquid applications and available in a five inch and 8 inch version. It's perfect for cleanup of oil and other hazmat liquids in marshes, wetlands, bayous, and near shore ocean environments.

If the water you are building in has a current or is in open water, you may need to look into our fast current boom or open water boom. Fast current booms are typically used in locations where there is a current, but it is not quite the open water. The open water booms, by contrast, are designed for rough water locations in open seas or waters.

View the Oil Spill Cleanup page for more information on all products.

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