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Oil Barrier Around Fuel Ship

Oil Containment Boom for Fuel Ship that is Sitting on the Shore

Question on an oil barrier around fuel ship. Hi, I am looking for an floating oil containment barrier, but I don't know which one I should get. We need to create a barrier around a fuel ship on the shore. This ship fills other ships with fuel. So, we are looking for some kind of barrier that will contain any fuel spills that could get into the water.

Answer: Thank you for asking. GEI Works offers oil containment booms with solid float foam for quick response to contain oil spills and prevent spreading. This floating boom can effectively be used to function as an oil barrier around fuel ship.

Our oil spill boom for fast and moderate water conditions is often used in rivers, streams, estuaries, and near shore ocean environments where current is a factor. This oil booms would most likely would be the ideal containment boom for your project due to the fact that your boom is being used in an ocean, but not necessarily open waters.

GEI oil containment booms are manufactured with semi-flexible internal foam flotation and a flexible fabric skirt. It has often been made to contain fuel and various other harmful liquids. In order to help us best determine the best boom for your location, please make sure you provide us with the exact type of fuel you are looking to contain. This can help us make sure that the booms used in your location are equipped to handle and contain fuel.

Additional Products for Fuel Cleanup

oil spill kitsAs their names suggest, the oil containment booms are designed specifically to contain spills. This will successfully provide an oil barrier around a fuel ship, but will not help with the cleanup process. To help with the cleanup process you may want to consider keeping some absorbents around your location. This can help to quickly clean up small spills.

For larger spills, items like spill skimmers will work best. These products work on the surface of a water location to collect and separate oil for proper disposal and cleanup.

For more information regarding products for cleanup and containment, please check out our Oil Spill Cleanup Page.

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