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Department of Transportation Turbidiy Barriers

dot silt curtainsTestimonial regarding NY DOT Silt Curtains: We have been doing work in NY for a while and then also do work in New Jersey and are wondering why each state has it's own version or silt barrier? Turbidity curtain appears pretty standard across the market and it just seems that someone using turbidity barriers in Florida or Texas or New York should all have the same basis for product use. We have seen the same in other BMP products like silt fence and geotextiles and just does not make any sense.

Surely if I am complying with the Clean Water Act and NPDES phase II in one state I should using the same NYS DOT silt curtains or other BMP products be able to comply in any other US state? I am just venting but figured someone out there will have the answer! Thank you.

by Sue
(Tarrytown, NY, USA)


Thank you for sharing your concerns with our team! In order to keep an eye on the way things are operating in each city, region, or state, local and state governments often have their own agencies that works to make regulations and other requirements for stormwater pollution in their area. The standard regulations (NPDES, EPA, etc.) are in place in ensure that all states have a minimum requirements.

Each state has varying regulations depending on state laws, compliance requirements and enforcement. I think to this end there are ASTM committees which address these and also various organizations that promote professional standards. Like the International Geosynthetics Society, Industrial Fabrics Association, International Erosion Control Association, American Civil Engineering and more.

The only way to make it make sense is to become involved and ask the questions you are asking. National agencies often rely on states and local governments to help them when implementing pollution requirements as a single national agency does not usually have the manpower to micro-manage every individual city or location.

The system is good and gets results but I know from a supplier end we have the same frustrations at times, but look to the bigger picture that we complying and doing our best to meet with Federal Regulation.
-GEI Works team

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