Nutrient Loading and Stormwater Runoff

Stormwater BMP Products to Prevent Pollution

algae bloomWhether you are working on a construction site, farm, or landscaping project, it is important to help prevent pollution caused by water runoff and nutrient loading.

Nutrient loading is an increase in pollutants due to human activity, such as construction and landscaping. The main causes of nutrient loading are stormwater runoff and fertilizer runoff.

Water runoff occurs when rain or snowmelt isn't absorbed into the ground and flows towards channels, rivers, and oceans. The runoff picks up pollutants such as fertilizer, pesticides, and sediment, as well as natural debris like timber, grass, leaves, etc. There are different kinds of runoffs. Stormwater runoff carries silt, pollutants, and debris which can cause soil erosion, water contamination and the disruption of aquatic life. The fertilizer runoff produces algae blooms and increases the growth of invasive aquatic plants.

GEI works provides multiple products to help contain these pollutants:

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Stormwater BMP Products

Having best management practices or Stormwater BMPs in place is crucial to preventing pollution at the source, which can be the beginning of a river, farm or project site. It is important to control both point and nonpoint pollution in order to decrease the effects of nutrient loading downstream.

Point source pollution refers to pollutants or site discharge that can be pointed to a single source.

Nonpoint source pollution comes from multiple sources over a wide area. Nonpoint source pollution is also known as diffuse pollution and is often associated with particular land uses in urban development, forestry and agriculture.

GEI Works has multiple Stormwater Control Products to help not only the environment, but also keep you in compliance with local and national regulations.

Stormwater Management stormwater BMP

  • Be sure to view our Stormwater Control Guide to see suggested stormwater BMPs, so you can best prevent water pollution and help your construction site stay in compliance.
  • Taurus Filtration by GEI Works offer stormwater control products to ensure job ensure job site complience such as curb filters, ditch checks, and storm drain guards.

Erosion Control Products

Turbidity Curtains

Debris Boom

  • To contain debris such as leaves, grass, and timber, visit our Debris Boom Page.
  • Has nutrient loading already caused algae blooms or invasive plant growth? Control aquatic weeds and algae to protect your shoreline with the Orion Aquatic Plant Boom.

Containment Liners

  • Containment Liners are a reliable choice to help contain spills or water runoff. They can be used in ponds, lagoons, job sites and more.
Type 1 Silt Curtain coir logs Debris Boom Containment Liner

Questions about nutrient loading? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or submit a form.