Nonwoven Geotextile Bags

Sediment Bags for Dewatering

full geotextile bags in a fieldQuestion: I wanted to inquire if you sell nonwoven geotextile bags. I need something that is needle punched, high elongation, and it should be able to resist ultraviolet rooting and biological degradation. I am looking for something to filter out certain sediment from the water. Do you have this?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! For the type of product you have described, we would recommend the Sediment Dewatering Bag. This filtering and sediment removal device is designed to connect to hoses and pipes to filter out silt and harmful items from water areas. Geotextiles bags are made from needle-punched nonwoven material that retains sediment to allow only a thin amount of water to leave the bag.

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geotextile bagsThe geotextile dewatering bag can be made with either an eight ounce or ten ounce (8 oz. or 10 oz.) filtering material, depending on your application.

Features for geotextile bags include:

  • 8 oz. or 10 oz. Nonwoven Geotextile
    • 8 oz. fabric has a filtering ability of 80 gpm/sq. ft.
    • 10 oz. fabric has a filtering ability of 60 gpm/sq. ft.

  • Standard Sizing
    • 6' x 6' Bag: 1.44 cubic yards/bag
    • 15' x 10' Bag: 6 cubic yards/bag
    • 15' x 15' Bag: 9.6 cubic yards/bag
    • 15' x 20' Bag: 12 cubic yards/bag
    • 15' x 25' Bag: 15 cubic yards/bag

  • Discharge Hose Connection: The dewatering bags are designed with the ability to handle a discharge hose of either 2", 3" or 4".

Dewatering Bag Placement

dewatering bagsWhen using dewatering nonwoven geotextile bags, customers have often placed this bag in a wide variety of locations. Placement often depends on the type of water your a filtering, available surface area, and other containment devices you have in your location.

Common locations where you might find this dewatering bag include:

The Ground: One of the easiest locations where you can place this bag is on the ground around your water area. It is typically advised that bags are placed on a surface that is level, to prevent bags from rolling. If you are using this bag on a construction site, runoff water is often directed to nearby drains to prevent further water build-up. These bags are also frequently placed on hale bales to increase performance.

Containers: Another common place where you will find the dewatering bag is inside drop boxes, dump trucks and roll off containers. Here, sediment bags can be safely contained and transported after use. These containers frequently use drains to relieve the box of filtered out water.

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