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Acid Neutralization Tank

Neutralization TankThis acid neutralization tank is a proven way to control or neutralize harmful materials before they enter the environment. In order to make this process as safe and reliable as possible, each tank contains walls made of heavy-duty polyethylene or polypropylene. These walls are constructed with a seamless material that will prevent leaking.

When used in plants and facilities, these chemical tanks will effectively dilute pollutants or waste so that will not cause additional damage. Some neutralization mediums that can be used with this unit are marble chips or lump limestones. These chips should range in diameter of one to three inches and the carbonate equivalent should be 85% or higher. To help dilute your materials, add water.

The use of these types of mediums will allow the acid to filter through the top, allowing the clean solution to be discharged from the tank.

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acid nuetralization tanksFeatures:

  • Cylindrical Design
  • Covers Supremely Secured to the Tank
  • Heavy Walls
  • Neutralization Medium: Can use Lump Limestone or Marble Chips with a Diameter of one to three inches (1"-3")
  • Gaskets are made from Neoprene


  • Sides of the Tank will not be Worn Down by Corrosive Materials
  • Will Function in High Temperatures or Temperatures that Change Rapidly
  • Prevents Harmful Acids and Waste from Factories, Medical Facilities, and More from Polluting the Environment
Tanks for Acid Neutralization
Part Number Capacity (gal) Size (dia x height)
TC1114KA 5 11 x 14
TC1815KA 15 18 x 15
TC1829KA 30 18 x 29
TC2236KA 55 22 x 36
TC2842KA 100 28 x 42
TC3148KA 150 31 x 48
TC3648KA 20 36 x 48
TC4248KA 275 42 x 48
TC4848KA 350 48 x 48
TC5260KA 500 52 x 60
TC6984KA 1200 69 x 84
TC7384KA 1500 73 x 84
TC8484KA 2000 84 x 84

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