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Trash Incinerator for 500 Tons

Q: I need a trash incinerator for 500 tons per day, to be used in California, USA. We want to burn waste formula to make energy.

A: solid waste incineratorsThank you for your inquiry. Granite Environmental has a variety of portable small scale incinerators and solid waste incinerators available for the incinerator of trash, plastic, and other debris.

Our largest solid waste incinerator (Model A 4.2) is equipped to handle 4.2 MMBtu/hr or 363-605 lb/hour for mixed waste streams. Each batch operation is approximately five cubic yards per batch cycle. For 500 tons per day, this unit would most likely not be equipped to handle this type of incineration process.

Unique Trash Incinerator for 500 tons

For the large amount of waste you need to incinerate, we would need to work with our manufacturing facilities to find a good solutions for this amount of trash. During similar incineration projects, this would include a large unit with multiple units combined to it. This would help to provide the amount of incineration necessary per day.

Please email us project specifications at and provide further information in regard to the permitting process so our Granite Environmental tech team can make an educated recommendation.

Additional Incinerators

Solid waste incinerators are large units designed for the bulk incineration of various materials. In general, these incinerators are offered in several different models built to accommodate various batch loading requirements. The smaller incinerators are typically equipped to handle around 55-85 pounds per hour with larger units equipped to handle up to 605 pounds per hour.

To view our complete selection of incinerators for solid waste, please feel free to check out our Solid Waste Incinerator Main Page.

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