Impermeable Membrane to Hold Air Under Water

Unique Project Specifications to Hold Air Under Water

Question: Hi, I'm working on a project that needs an impermeable membrane which would hold a large bubble of air under water. I don't know the size yet, but I would assume a large landfill size, and it would probably have to hold up to 400 psi. What material do you recommend?

Answer: We would recommend the same type of material that we use to produce collapsible tanks. The tanks are made of polyurethane.After reviewing your information, it looks like this membrane will be used for a gas collection system. GEI Works can fabricate a custom bag than can be adapted to fit your needs.

One of the biggest concerns every contractor has is safety and integrity. So the actual site location, depth and in situ conditions would be extremely important to the design and life span of such tank system.

The 400 psi is an extreme pressure for the membranes to operate at and would require support depending on the actual depth and pressure exerted on the exterior of the air bladder.

Please provide some concept drawings for the application along with performance expectations so we can determine a rough budget cost to see if this sounds practical and realistic to you. After this information is provided, our team can look over your request to see if this something that we can accommodate. While this is not a common request, we love to work with customers to discover new ways and new products that can help with their requirements.

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