Products For Erosion Control

Silt Fence, Coir Mats, and Turbidity Curtain for Erosion Control

turbidity curtain for erosion controlQuestion: Hi, we have a small project we're taking on and need some erosion control supplies. We need silt fence, floating turbidity barrier as well synthetic hay bales. We are dealing with a calm stormwater pond for the turbidity barrier.

Answer: Good Morning! We would love to help you find the best supplies for your project. Depending on the level of erosion and the amount of liquids that need to be controlled, different materials may work better than others in managing your requirements. Please check out the list below to view the products that you require.

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Silt Fence: The silt fence is an excellent option for erosion control around the perimeter of a construction site or building location. The main goal of this erosion control fence is to contain sediment to your site and prevent erosion during water flows. Silt fences can also work to keep sediment from migrating into the pond while your job is in operation.

Floating Turbidity Curtains: The floating turbidity curtain is the perfect choice for locations needing to control and prevent pollution from spreading in a water location. These curtains are installed in areas such as rivers, lakes, streams, and more. Types include:

coir logsCoir Products for Erosion Control: There are additionally several different products for the control of erosion and other materials. These products include items like coir mats and coir logs.

Hopefully, these products for erosion control can help with keep sediment contained to your location and prevent the pollution and spreading in your water area. Visit our Soil Erosion Control Products page for more information on all our products.

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