Coir Logs For Bank Stabilization

Shoreline Erosion Control with Coconut Coir Logs

coir logsQuestion: Hello! I'm interested in coir logs for bank stabilization. Can you tell me how much a coir log costs? We are working on a shoreline erosion control project and thought this would be an option. What are the coir log options you have available? Do they come pre-seeded with vegetation?

Answer: Coconut Coir Logs sold by GEI Works are made from 100% biodegradable coir mattress fiber that has been densely packed within tubular coir netting. This fiber has been created from the husks of coconuts and cured for increased strength and stability. Built with high quality materials, the erosion control coir logs are an excellent choice for shoreline stabilization and slope reinforcement applications.

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Coir Log Sizing

In terms of sizing, GEI Works has several different erosion control coir logs available to enhance any bank stabilization project. Standard coir fiber rolls come in lengths of ten feet (10') and have the following diameter options:

  • 12 inches
  • 16 inches

The twelve inch (12") diameter coconut coir logs are available in densities options of either 7 pounds per cubic foot or 9 pounds per cubic foot.

Coconut Coir Log Seeding

coir logs for bank stabilizationWhen seeding coconut coir logs for bank stabilization, the plants and vegetation are typically chosen specifically to complement the surrounding environment. For this reason, coir fiber logs do not come pre-seeded with any kind of vegetation. However, seeding and vegetation can be planted in coir fiber rolls after they are installed at your project site.

Typical planting for erosion control coir logs requires the use of native or surrounding plant life. Using plants that are already natural to your area helps increase the likelihood of the plants taking root and establishing quickly, as the soil has already been proven to support this specific plant. Consider using native plants whenever possible, as they will have a greater rate of long-term success and will have a positive impact on the surrounding environment.

Shoreline Erosion Control and Stabilization

Coconut coir logs have been used for stabilization in several different locations and erosion-prone areas including:

  • Stream Banks
  • River Banks
  • Coast Lines
  • Slopes
  • Hills
  • Around Swales
  • Around Construction Sites

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Questions about coir logs for bank stabilization? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or submit a form.