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Municipal stormwater management is a high priority in many areas of the United States. States such as Florida and Minnesota with high precipitation rates or low-lying, sea level terrain have become proactive in establishing and funding stormwater utilities. By investing in a more stable infrastructure, these municipalities are protecting their residents and minimizing property damage.

As a Florida manufacturer and supplier of stormwater best management practices (BMPs), GEI Works understands what's needed for proper stormwater runoff management. We've been providing stormwater systems for years. Between storm drain inlet filters and oil absorbent solutions, we can work with you to find the right solutions for your municipalities at economic pricing.

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Avoid Costly Sewer System Maintenance

Taurus Over Grate FilterWhen it comes to a municipal stormwater system and the sewer structure it feeds, the city is generally responsible for maintenance and repair. When trash and other debris enter storm drains, every little bit contributes to clogging up pipes and blocking water flow. The burden on stormwater utilities from unanticipated water pressure and foreign objects can cause serious damage, costing the city and its residents a great deal in repair costs and equipment replacement.

GEI Works has the Taurus line of storm drain inlet protection products to keep trash, leaves, and additional waste from entering the system. Whether filtering at a curb inlet or flat grate, we have the right solution to add to your municipal stormwater management plan. A few of our storm drain inlet filters include:

Keep Waterways Clean

Ox SheenSorb Passive Oil SkimmerAnother concern of municipal stormwater management is keeping waterways clean of pollutants and foreign debris. There are often state and federal regulations concerning local bodies of water that become the responsibilities of municipalities. Our stormwater drain inlet filters help keep debris from entering the system and eventually entering canals, rivers, and other waterways. But what can cities and counties do about oil and other contaminants?

The Ox Storm Drain Skimmer easily fits in drains and inlets to soak up any hydrocarbon pollutants in the water. The Oil and Debris Blocker fits directly on to outflow pipes, forcing and debris or contaminants to remain in a catch basin. If a small amount of oil manages to make its why to an open water source, the Oil Mop can skim the surface and soak up the pollutants.

Reduce Flooding with Stormwater BMPs

Ditch CheckFlooding can occur when the stormwater runoff management in a city or township isn't enough to keep up with the flow of water from abundant rainfall. Beyond damage to stormwater utilities, flooding can also cause property and personal harm to area residents. To keep their citizens safe, municipalities should have flood-reducing stormwater BMPs ready to redirect or block the flow of water to vulnerable areas.

GEI Works offers solutions to add to any municipal stormwater management plan that can help with flooding issues. The Ditch Check works as a small, temporary dam to block, slow, or redirect the flow of water. Sandbags and our larger FIBC Bulk Bags work well as flood wall barriers, depending on the water level in the area. The bulk bags can also be used to clean up debris after any flood waters have receded.

The stormwater best management practices listed here are only a small number of our available products. For more information, visit the Stormwater Solutions page.

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