The Model II Sandbagger

Motorized Industrial Sandbagging Machine
Fills 1,600 Sandbags Per Hour

Model II SandbaggerMade in the USA, the Model II Sandbagger is an automated sandbag machine system used to fill four sandbags simultaneously. The Honda gas engine and hydraulic motor ensure a smooth process during operation.

It requires five people in total to operate: one person at each of the four chutes to fill sandbags and one to keep the hopper full of sand or other filler material. Unlike some of the other models, the hopper worker doesn't need to prod the material for smooth flow. The sandbag equipment does this automatically due to the built-in agitator with help from the engine and motor.

The Model II Sandbagger can bag 1,600 bags per hour effectively and inexpensively using unskilled labor.

The automatic sandbagger can also be transported by truck or small trailer. GEI Works offers the Trailbagger optional towing package, which is designed specifically for hauling a sandbagger. Making sandbags has never been easier.

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Model II Sandbagger Technical Specifications

Specifications Motorized Auger (MA)
Weight 1,680 lbs.
Construction 11 Ga. Steel
Load Capacity 2 yd³
Motor Type Honda 5.5 HP
Hydraulic Pump Bi-Directional
Controls Forward, Reverse, Neutral
Auger Multiflow

Model II Sandbagger Specs

Model II Sandbagger Features

This sandbag machine comes with an array of features and equipment for filling sandbags quickly and easily. The sandbag equipment includes:

  • 4 Sandbag Filling Stations
  • Safety Grid and Shield
  • Durable Steel Frame
  • Auger and Agitator
  • Gas Engine and Hydraulic Motor

Due to the agitator and auger, this industrial bagging machine can also be used to fill bags with materials other than sand, such as compost, soil, or light gravel.

Model II Sandbagger Benefits

  • Smooth Sandbagging Process
  • Help Against Flood Waters
  • Easy To Use
  • Swift Filling Process for Emergencies
  • Strong Barriers

Sandbag Applications

Sandbagger FillingSandbags are a fast, economical option for emergencies. When there is a threat of rising water or soil erosion, for instance if a natural disaster is impending, a sandbag barrier can be quickly setup.

Sandbags are also a useful short-term option for construction sites to direct stormwater runoff around drains or inlets.

GEI Works offers other sandbag equipment options, including more basic manual, gravity-fed machines, on the Sandbagger page.

Questions? We can help! Call our GEI Works team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your sand bag filling requirements.