Log and Debris Boom

Floating Boom Barriers

logs on a riverQuestion: I am looking for a floating debris boom that can be effectively used for both logs and debris. We're working on a river that flows at a moderate rate. Which barriers are robust enough to handle these materials in moving water? What are the specifications?

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Steel Mesh Debris Boom

Orion steel mesh boomAnswer: One of the most commonly used debris boom solutions for logs and timber is the Steel Mesh Boom. Designed specifically for robust conditions, these floating boom barriers offer the strength required to support larger items, including timber and floating or submerged debris.

Log Boom Design

As a higher strength option, the standard design of the floating log boom features steel mesh panels with a series of hard plastic foam filled floats along each mesh section. This provides a higher overall strength that can handle debris and timber in a moving water setting.

Standard Debris Boom Specifications

Floating Log Boom Accessories

tow bridlesWhen using the steel mesh boom in moving or rough conditions, certain equipment is needed to help support the boom for maximum efficiency. The suggested accessories also help extend the lifespan of the debris barrier, reduce maintenance costs, and minimize safety concerns.

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Debris Barrier Applications

With high strength materials, the log and debris boom has been used in several different locations for control of logs, debris, and more. Some common applications for floating boom barriers include:

  • Log Containment or Protection
  • Debris Control
  • Protection for Intakes
  • Containment of Heavier Items
  • Demarcation Barrier

Other Debris Barrier Options

permanent boomsIn addition to the log and debris boom, we also offer a permanent containment boom that can be used to continuously control debris and floating timbers around your location. Permanent boom typically includes belting that features a series of poly floats for increased support. Additional boom options include:

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