Plastic Tanks for Farming

Bull Feeders and Livestock Troughs

livestock troughGEI Works supplies a range of agricultural products that serve specialized purposes. Our bull feeders and livestock troughs are composed of nontoxic, UV resistant polyethylene resin and are built with durability, longevity, and efficiency in mind.

GEI Works Bull Feeder

Durable Cattle Feeding Equipment

The GEI Works Bull Feeder is constructed from high performancy, heavy duty polyethylene material which has been UV stabilized to maintain long-term durability and dependability on your cattle ranch. The nearly indestructible material and weight of the bull feeder allows it to hold up even under the toughest conditions, withstanding even the roughest of bulls and cattle!

cattle feederThe Cow Feeder contains three separate compartments which can be used to house a lick block, feed and loose minerals, plus the feeder can be used in all weather conditions. The shape of the livestock feeder provides a low profile to prevent tipping and to minimize spillage of valuable minerals and nutrients for livestock. Additionally, the mineral feeder comes with three separate anchors that can be attached to anchoring holes built into the base so it can be secured to the ground to prevent animals from moving or tipping it. On top is a durable, weatherproof poly lid that covers the three compartments, protecting the contents from inclement weather.

Product Specifications:


  • bull feederHeight: 11"
  • Width: 40"
  • Weight: 32 lbs.

  • Materials

  • Body: UV Stabalized LLDPE 939 Polyethylene
  • Poly Lid: Recycled Rubber


  • Bull Feeder Anchors
  • Weatherproof Poly Lid

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GEI Works Feeder Troughs

Troughs your livestock can't tear up!

sheepGEI Works provides three different styles of livestock feeder troughs - an eight foot double wall trough, a ten foot double wall slim trough, and a ten foot double wall trough. Each trough is composed of high quality, high durability polyethylene material that has been UV stabilized to assure reliability and dependability under the harshest conditions. With each double wall trough, the section within the inner wall can be filled with water to insure stability and prevent tipping should it be stepped on by livestock. Every trough is made from one piece of polyethylene material to prevent breakage to the trough from rough livestock.

Product Specifications:

Eight Foot Double Wall Trough

  • feeder trough50 gallon capacity
  • One piece construction
  • Made from LLPDE 939 Polyethylene
  • 96" length x 24" width x 7" depth
  • Single drain hole
  • Fillable inner wall

  • Ten Foot Double Wall Slim Trough

  • feeder trough125 gallon capacity
  • One piece construction
  • Made from LLPDE 939 Polyethylene
  • 120" length x 32" width x 18" depth
  • Multiple drain holes and tow channels

    Ten Foot Double Wall Trough

  • feed trough250 gallon capacity
  • 120" length x 43" width x 21" depth
  • One piece contruction
  • Made from LLPDE 939 Polyethylene
  • Multiple drain holes and tow channels
  • Fillable inner wall

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