Litter Pollution Containment

Floating Debris & Trash Boom

floating trash boomLitter pollution containment products are designed to provide safe, easy and effective control of various types of debris and pollution. One of the most effective products for this type of containment is the Orion Floating Debris Boom. Constructed so they float along the surface of the water, these booms are well equipped to contain debris, timbers, leaves, branches and other materials. Also popular for controlling trash is our Trash Net Boom. Options include the following:

  • Standard Floating Barriers
  • HDPE Debris Booms
  • Steel Mesh Barriers

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Learn more about Floating Debris Boom Options

Floating debris booms are designed for containment applications that involve the control of aquatic plants, debris, small timbers, litter, and other floating items. These booms can be made in several different designs to accommodate your application and requirements.

ice boomsAdditionally, booms are also equipped for a wide range of water locations and containment areas, allowing them to be used in a several different areas including the following:

  • Rivers
  • Dams
  • Lakes
  • Streams
  • Marinas
  • Power Plants
  • Intakes
  • Bays & Harbors

Orion Floating Booms are versitle and durable, and can contain your debris, plants and other floating materials in prevent pollution, spreading of materials and more. Debris is considered organic matter such as leaves, trees, decaying plants and the like. Man-made waste such as litter, grass clippings and other bits of waste travels as a suspended load never settling, or it floats on the surface of the water. The volume of debris in the watercourse often fluctuates in response to increased flow rates; runoff from the land washes debris into the water and stationary riverside storage gets mobilized.

Floating Debris Boom options include the following:

  • Standard Floating Boom (Top Flotation and Bottom Skirt)
  • Permanent Boom (PVC Belting)
  • Trashmesh Boom (Mesh Steel with Bolt-on HDPE Floats)
  • Heavy Duty Boom (HDPE Sections)

Connecting Multiple Sections of Boom

Regardless of which boom you choose, multiple sections can be easily connected to create almost any required length. Connection of multiple barriers can be done in several ways depending on which debris boom you are using. Sections of a standard boom can be connected using sections connectors located at the ends of each section.

Similarly, booms that feature panels, such as the Trashmesh boom or the Permanent boom can be similarly connected through shackles or other equipment located at the bottom or along the end of a section.