Light Floating Marker 50

Floating Flashing Light Marker

light floating marker, floating markerThe Floating Marker Light is a flashing marker designed to help designate and mark areas around a boom. Perfect for use during silt containment, oil spill cleanup and debris containment jobs, these floating markers can line areas to protect various marine based operations.

Floating markers are manufactured with a durable PVC material and contain a float and 2 D cell batteries. All markers will typically be 50 inches in height, with approximately 26 inches exposed above the water line. The floating marker light is controlled by a photo cell that turns it on at dusk and off at dawn.
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What are Marker Lights Used with?

Marker lights have been used in multiple marine locations to help line areas where the boom has been set up. Some of the most common products these booms have been used with include the following:

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Additional Boom Accessories: Floating marker lights are one of many floating boom accessories to help stabilize areas and mark the areas. Accessories have included the following: