Patrol Boat Fenders

Inflatable Dock Bumpers for Law Enforcement and Military Patrol Boats

US coast guard patrol boatMilitary and law enforcement patrol boats are pushed to the limit. When conducting regular patrol stops, it's important to protect the boat's hull from collisions due to sudden maneuvers. Whether it's a Coast Guard boat checking up on recreational boaters in coastal waters, or a Customs and Border Patrol boat making a drug interdiction in the open sea, our inflatable boat fenders are designed to dissipate the kinetic forces involved with making regular contact with other vessels.

The inflatable boat fender is built from marine-grade inflatable materials and covered with a heavy-duty PVC sleeve. It is designed to protect the length of a boat's hull as it pulls alongside a dock or boat during a patrol stop. It can be used during hip towing and comes with fully adjustable seatbelt-grade nylon straps. When response time is critical, just throw the fender overboard and conduct the stop. They can also be used as permanent dock fenders for high traffic docks or boat slips.

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Inflatable Boat Bumper Features

  • Constructed from marine-grade fabric with marine growth inhibitors
  • Seatbelt-grade nylon webbing with side-release buckles
  • boat bumperAvailable in 12", 18", or 24" diameter
  • Custom lengths available for any size patrol boat
  • Mold and UV-resistant
  • Boston-style valve for inflation

Inflatable Boat Bumper Benefits

  • Folds easily for stowage
  • Inflates quickly with a hand-operated or electrical pump
  • Protects a longer area of the boat's hull than standard fenders
  • Designed for heavy duty use in salt and freshwater
  • Suited for additional protection during tropical storms and hurricanes

Inflatable Boat Fender Specifications

Diameter Length Bladder Cover Valve Type
12" 8', 10', or 12' 30 oz. Marine-Grade Black Elvaloy Gray 22 oz. PVC Boston-Style
18" 8', 10', or 12' 30 oz. Marine-Grade Black Elvaloy Gray 22 oz. PVC Boston-Style
24" 8', 10', or 12' 30 oz. Marine-Grade Black Elvaloy Gray 22 oz. PVC Boston-Style

Inflatable Boat Fenders for Customs, Border Patrol, and Coast Guard

boat fendersOur inflatable boat fenders and dock bumpers can be used for a multitude of marine applications. These include:

  • Dock Fenders. Permanently attach the fenders to a dry or wet slip to protect the boat's hull from damage while docking or storing the boat.
  • Patrol Stops. Use the fender as a protection against chafing and rubbing while conducting routine patrol stops. Boats can be rafted together with the fender in between with less damage sustained over time.
  • Hurricane Protection. Use multiple fenders to protect boats during tropical storms and hurricanes. Fenders can be attached horizontally or vertically, or attached to docks or trailers.
  • Towing Boats. These fenders are great for hip-towing boats as they protect along the length of the hull. One fender is all it takes.
  • Trailer Fenders. Use these large inflatable fenders to protect your police or patrol boat while trailering it to and from locations. They're also useful when entering and exiting the water.

Custom sizes are available. If you require additional functionality, please let our GEI Works team know at 772-646-0597. We can usually accommodate special requests and specifications. For pricing information, request a quote.