Large Tanks for Fracturing Fluids

Large Capacity Frac Tanks

Question: Hello, I am interested in finding large tanks for fracturing fluids. Do you have a list of available sizes? I am looking for something that can provide me with over 10,000 bbls.

frac tanksAnswer: For the type of large capacity liquid storage you are looking for, a great choice would be
a Collapsible Frac Fluid Storage Tank. These tanks features a flexible design that allows them to store large capacities of liquid, while remaining lighter in weight and easy to transport to new locations. Many have turned to these tanks as a flexible alternative to steel as it allows customers to store several barrels in the same storage tank.

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Available Capacities

The flexible frac tanks are high capacity storage tanks that are typically made in larger capacities ranging up to 210,000 gallons. While we do not offer a tank that will supply over 10,000 bbls in a single unit, we can offer two 210,000 gallon tanks that can supply approximately 5,000 bbls per tank.

Standard capacities for a flexible frac tank includes:

  • 50,000 gallons (1190 BBL)
  • 100,000 gallons (2380 BBL)
  • 210,000 gallons (5000 BBL)


When compared to steel, the flexible frac tank offers several unique advantages that a more rigid tank could not handle.

  • Lower Shipping Costs (several tanks can ship in the same storage container)
  • Folds or Rolls when Empty (lies flat when not filled with liquid)
  • Operates in Harsh Temperatures (can successfully be used for storage in temperatures that range from -42° to 140° F, depending on the fabric used)
  • Fast Deployment
  • Easy Installation and Site Setup
  • High Heat Retention (retains 50% more heat than steel on average)

All collapsible tanks come standard with a couple of different fittings depending on the application for the tank. Fittings for a collapsible tank used for fracturing fluids often include fill and discharge ports, floor drain ports, hoses, and diameter vents.

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